What can I expect from a Koba Entertainment show?

Koba Entertainment’s productions provide a special musical experience for you and your family. Attending a live theatrical performance enables your child to enjoy their favourite characters in a whole new dimension. We believe that attending the theatre at a young age will lead to a lifelong journey of appreciating and learning through the arts.

Most children are familiar with their favourite characters on television or on the pages of story books. We suggest that you explain that this will be different, as the story will be happening live and in-person. The characters are also a lot larger up close than in books or on TV, so you should prepare them for that.

Be sure to have fun! We encourage children to stand up during audience participation such as clapping, dancing, and singing-along. We do ask that you are safe as well as considerate to those around you.

Which characters can I expect to see in the show?

Toopy and Binoo are the stars of the show! But don’t worry, we didn’t forget Patchy Patch. You will see other familiar faces as well as meet some new characters created for the purpose of the theatrical production.

How long is a typical performance?

Koba Entertainment’s live performances are 60-70 minutes, plus one 15 minute intermission.

How early should I arrive?

We suggest that you plan additional time for traffic delays, parking, and entrance to the venue. The doors typically open 1 hour in advance of the show start time.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, this is a special moment for your family and we encourage you to capture it on film! The photo footage should however be for personal use only, and we ask that you do not use a flash during the show. Professional photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited without prior consent from Koba Entertainment. Please also respect the venue’s regulations.

Will there be merchandise at the show?

Yes, there will be a merchandise booth stocked with items only available at the live shows. Products range from show-branded character plush to light wands to CDs and DVDs that children can enjoy long after you leave the theatre. Souvenir prices range from $5 to $50. We suggest bringing cash if you intend to purchase any items.

Is my child old enough to see a live production?

We truly believe that a live theatre experience is best shared by the whole family. Our productions are created for every age – whether you’re 2 or 92 – there is something fun for everyone. Nothing tops the sight of your child’s face smiling in sheer delight!

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my infant child who will sit on my lap the entire show?

Children over the age of 12 months on the performance date need a ticket. However, some venues require that everyone, regardless of age, has a ticket due to fire regulations. Please contact your venue for more information on their policies.

Will it be too loud for my child?

No, the sound is adjusted for the size of the venue and the nature of the show. The songs are pleasant and there are no harsh noises. Please remember, however, that the sound must reach the little ears in the back row, as well as the front.

How do I receive a password to receive presale or discount tickets?

In order to receive presale passwords and other special offers, all you have to do is register to our Koba Entertainment mailing list. To sign up, please click here.

Why isn’t my city on your performance schedule?

We try our best to perform in as many cities as possible. Unfortunately, venue availability and time constraints limit us from performing in every city.

Who is Koba Entertainment?

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